About Norwich IVC

Whether you have been here awhile, or are new to the area, Norwich & Norfolk Social Club is here for you. Meet great people and enjoy interesting fun activities.

We are a young group but have a wide age range and are from all walks of life. As long as you are young at heart, you will fit in just fine.

The club is run by the members for the members. We host weekly pub nights (usually on a Wednesday) for relaxed friendly conversation. We also organise a variety of events around Norwich and Norfolk including; meals, walks, theatre & cinema trips, quiz nights, beer festivals, go-karting, cycling, barbecues, games and much much more.

The club is a long established none profit making group, but like everything in life there are overheads, but full membership is only £10 a year! Come along for a one month trial period and if you like the people and events, then you can pay any committee member or join simply by clicking the payment button on the left hand side.

Once you are a fully paid up member there are lots of amazing BENEFITS.

> Having fun and socialising with like minded people

> You are covered by Insurance unlike some social groups

> You can go to National Events including weekends away and holidays abroad

> You can visit other clubs

> Security/vetting of prospective members

> We have a code of conduct

> We have special cycle insurance for all those wonderful cycling activities

> CTC discounted membership for all our members

> We have the right insurance to hire out village halls if needed

We welcome new faces so please feel free to come along and join in. When you book into an event we’ll be in touch to welcome you and give you contact details so you can find us easily.

When joining this group please sign up with your real name and please add a picture of you so we can recognise you at events and give you a warm welcome.

We look forward to meeting you soon!